"Memory....is the diary we all carry about with us" - Oscar Wilde.  What a quote and so very true, but what happens when those memories fade.....what happens to those diaries then?  How can we share those wonderful moments with others.....our families, friends and future generations. 
I am the mother of two wonderful children, wife of a man who is my absolute rock in all things, especially in the world of IT, and daughter to an incredibly supportive mum who, at 89 years of age, is one of my biggest fans. I consider that I have been very fortunate to have been able to photograph so many stages of their lives, encapsulating key moments forever.  I often look back at photographs of those loved ones who have since passed away and am grateful that their faces will never fade even if my memories do.  This is the gift that I give to all my clients, whether it be a photograph of their favourite place, their families or their pets, I try to capture moments that they can cherish in years to come. 
Photography has been a passion of mine since the first time I held a camera in my hands, took a photograph, and after the 'eternal' wait, saw the final result in print in front of my eyes. I was about 8 years old at that time and all of the photographs were of horses, dogs, sheep and cows with a few landscapes thrown in for good measure, not much has changed there.    Having taken the step some years ago to move from hobbyist to professional photographer, I graduated from the Photographic Institute and would now like to welcome you in following my journey.  Please feel free to look at my Facebook page and my Instagram page (links can be found at the top of this site). 
All photographs on this site can be purchased in various formats, canvas, framed prints and even aluminium (which can be safely hung in wet rooms and outside spaces).  For pet photography, commissions or any queries please contact me for further information.

Elizabeth Clare ™

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